How to Make Successful Changes in Your Life

Transitions to New Jobs, Homes, Partners Can be Stress-free

Follow these simple guidelines and take charge of your change.

Breathe Deeply into Your Change

When an upcoming change creates anxiety for you, breathing and clear thinking go hand in hand out the door, and the anxiety cycle begins spinning with a vengeance. So don’t tighten up. Take 3 slow, long, deep belly breaths while relaxing into your desired change – you should see or feel your belly moving up and down. This means oxygen is getting to the bottom of your lungs, creating ease. If you begin to feel lightheaded, go back to your normal breathing immediately. Take another deep belly breath when you feel anxiety again. Humans often forget to breath deeply; when you nourish your body with oxygen, the world looks much better.

Meditate and Transition Smoothly

To increase the clarifying power of deep belly breathing, meditate quietly on your breath. Even a few seconds of meditation can have a profound effect. When you find your mind wandering back into thought, which it will, just return focus to your breath going in and out. It doesn’t take long to feel yourself back in your body and able to make functional decisions. Your change will proceed more smoothly the more you meditate. Mahatma Gandhi is reported to have said that he meditated for an hour every day and when he was really busy, he meditated for two hours. You can meditate while driving, walking, sitting in boring meetings and washing dishes, and especially when drifting off to sleep. And remember to listen carefully to what emerges from your meditation. This will help you to make your highest choices.

Now Begin with Your Successful End in Mind (Stephen Covey)

Using your imagination, the most powerful change tool you have, will speed you on your way to a remarkable outcome. Imagine that the change you choose has already happened, so there’s nothing left to do – relax. Breathe, and imagine with every sense you possess that you’re in the midst of your successful new situation. Everything has turned out according to your heart’s desire, and you’re enjoying the feeling immensely. The enjoyment is integral to this process. What and who do you see around you? Who and what do you hear? What scents do you smell? What textures do you feel? What do you taste? Do you truly love what you’ve imagined? When you do, write it all down in detail. Not only is this lots of fun and satisfying to your soul — it’s the best way to bring your choices into being. Pablo Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” If you want your reality to be lovely, create it with love.

Think Success, Not Catastrophe

When on the verge of change, you may find that subconscious fears from childhood arise and negative self-talk increases. “Who do I think I am?” “I won’t be able to do that.” “I’m not smart enough to pull this off.” Have faith. Return to your meditation and imagination, regain your enthusiasm, and see the fear for what it is – just an old thought that you have allowed to sabotage you for too long. Write the fears down, and then rewrite them into their positive opposites. “I’m not smart” becomes “I’m smart enough to have this, and I have friends to help me.” Use your heart again on this one.

Give Change to Yourself Like it’s a Present

Remember, you have more power than you have given yourself credit for in the past. Use these techniques to support yourself now and in the future, and you’ll change your life in ways you’ve only begun to imagine.

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